Rover Network is the most advanced and fastest network.
We believe — “You Trust Yourself”

Money 20-20

The Next Generation Blockchain


Super Fast & Scalable

Rover Network is a super fast and highly scalable network which can easily and quickly execute all the transactions with enhancing the customer service.


Most Secure

Rover Network is most secure as it enriches the features of decentralized ledger technology and therefore each transaction is referred to a particular ledger which is immutable and thus can not be duplicated.


Low Cost

Rover helps in optimizing the cost for the smaller transfers by enhancing the efficiency of the transactions. You can think as just spending pennies as transaction cost.


Smart Contract

Rover Network features the use of Smart Contracts which are immutable and distributed and work as a legally binded rule, by nature they are self executing contracts embedded on the blockchain. Smart Contracts minimizes the frauds and maximizes the efficiency.


Custom Assets

Rover Network provides a special feature of Custom Assets in which users can create/issue assets that can be holded or traded within certain restrictions.


Rover is a platform that enables building custom DApps (Decentralized Applications) which can connect banks, payment systems, and people to integrate and move money more quickly, reliably and at almost no cost.