Permissioned private blockchain
platform for Enterprise.

Money 20-20

Easy to Deploy


Software development kit
Support for all major programming languages
Technology agnostic Platform
Plug and Play Decentralized Apps (DApps)
Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling and management.

Highly Secure


Fault tolerance architecture
Smart Contracts
Multi Signature and Multi Asset
DLT to secure your data



Select a ready-to-use DApp
Let us build your custom use case app
Train your development team to build your own app.

Distributed Storage


The Rover Decentralized storage will bring together the best features of decentralized technology, with attributes that meet the practical demands of storing high volumes of data. Rover decentralized storage works by distributing the data across a network of nodes, in a similar way to the distributed ledger technology characteristic of blockchain.

State-of-the-art security
and reliability to ensure Trust
Works with any cloud service
or on-premise data storage
Lowers cost of operation
with controls for your IT team


Rover Network is a super fast
and highly scalable platform.